Jakarta-Bandung trip - an inspiration

One of our correspondence had just visit Jakarta-Bandung (25-28 July 2009). An inspiration uh! Now, we gotta move fast. On 28th July, 2 of our teams has been accepted in K-Perak Programs. Then, we shall be getting another 2 people to join the team called Jalan Tanah Rata. On the other hand, Ogy has just agreed to join Jaringan Luar Pemerhati Media.

Next week, our correspondence shall extend the discussion with certain individual regarding our Short Film Project. We shall be working together with Majlis Belia Negeri Perak to conduct the workshop called "Short Film Forum".

The short film project begins!

Am not to fool ya damn right! We gotta push up that magic button. We begin it now. We shall start all the engines right now. Beat it! As whatta Mr. Michael ask us. Gibrael now! Cannes Film Festival. We hit that ground. Beat It!

Limestone Shuffle all around!

Shuffle Batu Kapur (Part2) ready to be watched... a short film by Abror Rivai. You can watch the stuff here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ09mhal3e8 Batu Kapur means Limestone

Video-Movie Production Firm - Jalan Tanah Rata

Abror Rivai has just set up a Video-Movie Production Firm named "Jalan Tanah Rata" and will be operating soon. The firm shall be run at an 'old-fashioned' bungalow house at 2914, Persiaran Tebing Tinggi, Kg Temiang, Ipoh. He is now in the midst of setting up the Production Team. Though just born, Jalan Tanah Rata succeds in their first appearence "Shuffle Batu Kapur" starred by Boy aka Jojie, Nas, Siti and Abi aka Lat.

Shuffle Batu Kapur

Part I of Shuffle Batu Kapur can be watched here

Abror Rivai - an upcoming Filmmaker

Abror Rivai graduated from UiTM and works as a freelance journalist. Born on 10 May 1976, the same day Travis Bickle wrote his diary in Scorsese's Taxi Driver. A coincidence that makes Abror believe he was destined to be a filmmaker. ~ by Bernard Chauly & Amir Muhammad ~ http://kelabsenifilem.tripod.com/id17.html

Next show! Interview with Nasir Jani

Interview Video with Nasir Jani by Abror Rivai.

Video Interview bersama Nasir Jani oleh Abror Rivai.

Tunggu Aku Dalam Seminit Lagi

Latest short films by Abror Rivai - Tunggu Aku Seminit Lagi (Waiting Me In A Minute). This 16 minutes short films uploaded into You Tube and divided into two parts to facilitate uploading process and show. Viewer/Audience can give commentary either in You Tube comment's column or here.

Filem Pendek terkini karya Abror Rivai - Tunggu Aku Dalam Seminit Lagi. Filem Pendek selama 16 minit ini dimuatnaik ke dalam You Tube dan dibahagikan kepada dua bahagian bagi memudahkan proses muatnaik dan tontonan. Penonton boleh memberikan komentar samada di ruangan komen You Tube atau di sini.

Shuffle Batu Kapur (Part 1)

Shuffle Batu Kapur (Part 2)